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The Thomas Jefferson Musical Theatre Company was created in 1987 to provide youngsters the opportunity to develop values such as teamwork, self-esteem, self-confidence, leadership, and perseverance through musical theatre discipline.


Throughout our history, we have produced 39 musicals that have involved over 2,500 youngsters and their families, allowing a multitude of young people to experience firsthand the magic of performing while developing core values.


We have been acknowledged by cultural institutions in our country and by personalities from the art world such as Placido Domingo whom, after attending a performance, volunteered to be our foundation’s official Honorary President.


In 1992 we were invited by the Calgary Convention Visitors Bureau to our first international tour.


In 2007 our production of Disney's High School Musical the Musical drew mass media attention and catapulted us to the front page of one of our leading and most traditional newspapers in Mexico City for the quality of our production.


As an outstanding recognition to our labor and quality, in 2009 we were invited to the New York Musical Theater Festival, the most prestigious festival of its kind.  Being this the first time that the NYMF invited an amateur group to participate in this event. In spite of their age and experience, our youngsters received standing ovations and New York specialized critics published excellent reviews about our participation.

Our leading lady received the “Outstanding Individual Performance” award for her interpretation of “Catherine of Medici”.


This success led us to open the Daegu International Musical Theater Festival 2010 -where we were awarded the Special Committee Award- and to participate in the 2010 Shanghai Expo.


In 2015 we started producing original creations to promote the development of Mexican musicals.


Our intention for the future is to continue developing excellence, leadership, perseverance, and resilience in youngsters through the experience of musical theatre while performing nationally and internationally for many years to come. We thus can ensure that many more generations of young people and children can continue to benefit from this beautiful and successful legacy.

-Edgardo Lar



In 1987, Tina Derell -a middle school music teacher- decided to make a musical instead of having a term final exam. To lead this endeavour she summoned Edgardo Lar to direct the show, 21 years old man who swore that we could take children to perform as professionals, bringing them a life-changing experience which would bring them not only joy but a self-confidence that would help them face life challenges better. Taken by his enthusiasm, I supported the project. Little did we know the thousands of youngsters that would benefit from this experience and that we would be presenting an image of excellence of Mexico in many places around the world. To see the children perform and run a show it's to see an ongoing miracle of talent, self-confidence and creativity. In this page, you will find beautiful testimonies of this project, and if you happen to fall in love with it, please don't hesitate to join us in one of our performances or to support us with your donation.

- Jeanene Blum


1994 - 2006

2006 - 2020

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